Sounder and Urban One’s Groundbreaking Research on AI/ML-Driven Brand Safety & Suitability for Podcasting

Download this new whitepaper to learn how Sounder and Urban One leverage innovative AI/ML-based technology to demonstrate inventory scale in diverse creator content while supporting the cultural nuances of Black communities. Some topics highlighted in this whitepaper include:
  • A comparison of Black and general podcasting content on sensitive topics related to race, social justice, and lived experiences.
  • An analysis of legacy solutions, such as keyword blocklists solutions, compared to AI/ML-based solutions in determining the contextual relevance of topics discussed and enabling advertisers to align with meaningful, powerful conversations.
  • A look at the transcription accuracy of Black English (AAVE) to assess its impact on the unique dialect and culture of the Black community while promoting inclusivity and accessibility in podcasting.
Additionally, you will learn more about Sounder’s foundational AI tenets and how they positively reinforce fair and equitable classifications for diverse and multicultural voices.
Download the Whitepaper
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