Who We Are

Sounder unlocks the true value of audio content

In 2019, we saw an opportunity to transform audio content into data insights and automated solutions that help publishers, advertisers, and podcasters grow their businesses. Similar to how new technology unlocked rapid market expansion for digital and video, we’re doing the same for audio.

By The Numbers





Our mission is to make it simple for organizations to use trustworthy audio data, enabling the confidence to make decisions and act.

Our technology can process thousands of hours of audio content in minutes, enabling us to deliver the insights and infrastructure needed for businesses to flourish.

Sounder City

Culture & Values

We are building a company where people come to do the best work of their careers.

Community First


Everything we do starts and ends with our audio creators.

Founder Mentality

Founder Mentality

We all mutually own the success of Sounder.

Data-Informed, Human-Driven

Data-Informed, Human-Driven

Data helps inform, not decide every decision we make.

Audio Accessibility

Audio Accessibility

The power of the spoken word should be for all.

Have a Growth Mindset

Have a Growth Mindset

Feedback allows to improve our products and as people.

Remotely distributed,
all together.

We’ve been a remote company before being a remote company was cool. Our team is distributed across Serbia, the Netherlands, and the United States. Together we share a unique DNA—one of going above and beyond for our customers, compassion for each other (family always comes first at Sounder), and belief in the transformative power of data and insights.

Our team—or Soundernauts as we like to call ourselves—includes media, technology, artificial intelligence, and advertising experts with 20+ years of experience from places like Google, Spotify, IBM, and AOL.

We’re building a family of passionate technologists who laugh, learn, discover, and drive change together. When you’re a Soundernaut, you’re part of something bigger.

And we’re only just getting started. Join us.