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Whether you're a podcaster seeking accurate transcripts or a developer looking for superior speech-to-text conversion, Sounder has you covered. Between podcast-specific tuning, competitive pricing, and industry-tested quality, Sounder's API is the optimal choice for all your transcription needs.

Sounder has a simple API that allows you to upload audio files and receive transcriptions in return. If you are interested in implementing our API, check out the:

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Transcription (speech-to-text)

Our speech-to-text transcription technology holds its own with all major players in the category. Between our competitive WER and extensive AI/ML training, our service is a steal at only $0.25 per hour of audio transcribed.

🎙️Fine-Tuned for Podcasts

Sounder’s technology is uniquely calibrated to the nuances of podcast audio, including diverse accents, multi-speaker formats, English/Spanish dual-language support, and varied recording environments. With over 5 million podcast episodes processed through our index, our rich data enables developers and podcasters alike to fully leverage the API.

💸 Competitive Pricing, Budget Friendly

Transcription doesn't have to break the bank! Sounder offers competitive rates, with a minimum charge of just $0.25 per file (at a rate of $0.25/hour).

🎯 AI-Driven, Human-Powered Accuracy

Sounder's transcripts are meticulously reviewed with over 15,000 hours of human annotation, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy.

Sounder API’s Unique Advantages

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Instantly convert episodes to text for greater accessibility.

Social Posts

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Instantly convert episodes to text for greater accessibility.

Show Notes

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Instantly convert episodes to text for greater accessibility.

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Instantly convert episodes to text for greater accessibility.


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Instantly convert episodes to text for greater accessibility.


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Instantly convert episodes to text for greater accessibility.

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“Sounder's commitment to democratizing access to podcast data aligns with the industry's need for innovation and growth. This API opens doors for developers to build groundbreaking tools, creators to improve accessibility to their content, and the entire industry to continue evolving. It's a significant leap towards a more accessible and dynamic podcast ecosystem.”

Bryan Barletta

Partner at Sounds Profitable

Hosting Platform Integrations

Integrate directly with your preferred hosting platform to begin maximizing the value of your catalog.

What does Sounder API do?

The Sounder API simplifies the transcription process, offering a reliable, scalable, and secure solution for integrating transcription capabilities into your applications.

How does Sounder API work?

When a user uploads a[n] [audio] file to our Audio Data Cloud, we automatically run it through a series of proprietary models and processes to get the output of a transcript. Our advanced transcription engine utilizes cutting-edge speech recognition technology to convert spoken language into text. This process involves analyzing the audio input, identifying spoken words, and generating accurate transcriptions.

What languages does Sounder API support?

Sounder API is presently equipped with English and Spanish dual language support capabilities.

How much does it cost to use Sounder API?

At $0.25 per hour of audio transcribed, our transcription technology is priced at a fraction of the cost compared to other tools available in the market. Pricing for our additional API capabilities is coming soon. We are required to charge at least $0.25 every time a user uploads an audio file via API. This means that audio files that are less than 60 minutes in length will still cost $0.25 to transcribe.

Is there a free trial available before I make a payment commitment?

No, there is not currently a free trial available, but at $0.25 per hour of audio transcribed our pricing is very competitive and we are deeply committed to customer satisfaction.


Transcription: not simply a nice to have, but a need to have.

Making your podcast universally accessible? That's a win-win.

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